Beginners/Advanced | No equipment | Quadriceps Tendon, Patella Ligament, Femur, Tibia

As previously discussed in Knee Rotation – Exercise To Keep Your Knees Healthy.
Knee rotation is an exercise for the knees and ankles that can help you reduce stiffness, injuries and pain in those joints. Knee rotation is a great warm-up exercise that prepares your knees for any subsequent workout.

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knee rotations plan

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Exercises included in Knee Rotations plan:

Full Plan Details
Standing Marches
10 sec
Knee Rotation Clockwise
20 sec
10 sec
Knee Rotation Anti-Clockwise
20 sec
10 sec
Knee Rotation Alternating
40 sec
Standing Marches
10 sec

Improves your balance and posture
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