CrossFit has taken the fitness world by storm with its high-intensity interval training approach, focusing on functional movements performed at a vigorous intensity. Whether you’re an athlete or just starting your fitness journey, investing in a reliable CrossFit timer app can greatly enhance your workout experience.

Features To Look For in a Crossfit WOD Timer App

When choosing the best Crossfit WOD timer app, consider the following features:

  • Interval Settings: The app should allow users to set custom intervals for various exercises and rest periods.
  • Customization Settings: Tailor timer options for exercise to match your workout style and preferences.
  • Audio and Video Settings: Proper voice guidance and video support to keep on track.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive user interface for seamless navigation during intense workouts.

How to Choose the Best Crossfit WOD Timer App?

With the variety of options available, you can find the perfect app to suit your needs and take your CrossFit workouts to the next level. The best Crossfit WOD timer app helps athletes track their workout intervals, rest periods, and overall performance. When considering your options, look for an app like O’Coach Timer App that offers customizable timers, an intuitive interface, and reliable performance. This app stands out as a leading fitness app trusted by thousands of athletes worldwide.

Manage custom workouts using O'Coach fitness app

O’Coach: A Leading Fitness App

O’Coach stands out as a top choice for CrossFit enthusiasts due to its specialized features and user-friendly design.

Key Specs:

Price: 100% Free to download
Platforms: iOS, Android
Equipment Needed: No Equipment Needed

Why choose the O’Coach Crossfit Timer App?

1) Customization and schedule: Personalized workout timers and schedules to individual preferences.

2) Voice Guidance: The unique Text-to-speech timer engine works like your own personal trainer when you are doing a workout, keeping track of time for you.

3) Efficient Time Management: Helps you stay on schedule and complete workouts within desired timeframes.

4) Progress Tracking: Enables tracking of workout history, performance metrics, and personal records to help you achieve your fitness goals.

5) Community Engagement: O’Coach facilitates social connections, you can connect with fellow Crossfit athletes, share workouts, and stay motivated together.

How To Use O’Coach For Crossfit Workouts

Imagine a workout app that’s not just a digital guide but a personalized fitness companion, catering to your unique needs and ambitions. That’s exactly what O’Coach brings to the table.

For detailed overview: How To Create a Free Workout Plan 


  1. Download and Open the O’Coach custom workout app.
  2. Select the workout type whether it is HIIT, Crossfit, Tabata, YOGA or any other.
  3. Enter your exercise rounds and rest time length.
  4. Give Time the individual exercises for an effective workout (optional).
  5. Customize the audio (voice guidance) settings if you want.
  6. Create schedules.
  7. Save and Start the workout.
  8. After the workout, monitor your performance and progress over time.

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