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Why Choose O’Coach Custom Workout App?

Our modern lifestyles – long sitting hours, slouching over desk/laptop/phone, long driving hours etc – continually disrupt the natural biomechanic balance of our bodies!
O’Coach aims to get you up from your desks every few hrs during the day and give your bodies the gift of simple but essential 2-5 minutes natural movement workouts!

Can I create a personalized workout plan with the app?

O’Coach app offers you to create your personalized workout plan based on your fitness goals and fitness level. Also you can customize length of each exercise set, rest, warmup and cooldown.

What more O’Coach offers?

  • O’Coach lets you create a customized workout plan based on your fitness goals and fitness level.
  • O’Coach lets you schedule your workout at your preferred time.
  • O’Coach lets you share your favourite workouts directly from Youtube to ease the process of creating a workout.
  • O’Coach gives you fully adjustable voice guidance settings.
  • O’Coach create a global community where you can view workout updates from people across the globe.

Where can I schedule my workouts?

O’Coach provides an excellent feature for those who miss their workout because of their busy schedule. It lets you schedule your custom workouts from time to time. So that you don’t miss any of your daily workout.

Do O’Coach provide any Personal Trainers?

No sorry! O’Coach is not currently providing any personal coaches/trainers. O’Coach app is your personal trainer coach, which allows you to add as many custom workouts as you want based on your needs and requirements. And perform it whenever, wherever you want, you don’t even need to go to the gym or need any equipment.

What kind of workouts I can create on the O’Coach app?

O’Coach offers you to create your custom workouts like strength training, stretching, Yoga, Tabata and HIIT. You can give customize length to the set.

Can I share my workout to my friends or family?

Yes, absolutely! O’Coach lets you share your workouts worldwide with just one click. Also, you can see the updates from people all over the world.

Is the O’Coach app suitable for all fitness levels?

O’Coach offers you to create workouts for every fitness levels, from beginner to advanced.

How can I get motivated to pursue workout?

To stay motivated towards your workout routine. You can help your friends or family download the app and join the O’Coach community. In this way, you can track each other’s workout routines and daily workout streaks. This will help you stay motivated throughout your workout journey.

Also, you can add your family, friends to the O’Coach Telegram community, or whomever you feel will give you motivation to workout.

How much does it cost to join the O’Coach App?

You only need 2 minutes to download the free O’Coach app    and log in with Facebook or Google.

Can I track my progress with the app?

O’Coach allows you to track your weekly as well as monthly progress and see your results over time. To help you stay motivated.

Does the app provide audio or video guidance for each workout?

O’Coach app provides you with audio and video guidance for each workout to help you perform the exercises correctly.