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Knee Rotation – Exercise To Keep Your Knee Healthy 

Knee rotation is a great warm-up exercise for the knees and ankles that can help you reduce stiffness, injuries and pain in those joints and prepare your knees for the workout. It is essential for keeping good knee mobility as it strengthens the muscles around the knee while putting less strain on the knee joints. And prepare the knee to be more open and flexible.

Equipment: No equipment

Level: Beginners to advanced

Works on muscles: Claves, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Lower back muscles

Check out our exercises article for more videos of the full-body mobility workout routine.

O’Coach Free Tip

  • Placing your hands on your knees is an ideal choice.
  • Make sure the foot remains level with the ground.

How to perform Knee Rotation correctly:

You must first learn how to conduct knee rotations before beginning your workout:

Step 1:

Bring your feet together and lean forward. Next, bend your knees and rest your hands on top of your knees.

Tip: Keep the entire body relaxed.

Knee rotation
Knee rotation clockwise

Step 2:

Slowly make small circles clockwise with bent knees.

Tip: Inhale and exhale slowly and stay within a comfortable range of motion.

Step 3:

Reverse the movements by making circles anticlockwise.

Tip: Repeat a few more times.

Knee rotation anticlockwise

Benefits of Knee Rotations:

When practiced regularly knee rotation exercise contributes to many health benefits such as:

  • Preventing knee injuries.
  • Improving blood circulation.
  • Building balance and stability.
  • Reducing day-to-day tiredness.
  • Improving the range of motion.
  • Improving athletic performance.
  • Making your knee and hip more flexible and strong.

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How to Do Knee Rotations Daily and Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

The knee is the largest joint in the body and is vital for movement in our daily tasks. As a result, it became very prone to injury and pain. To strengthen the muscles around the knee, doctors advise adding 2–5 minutes of knee rotation to your daily routine to improve overall joint health. To perform knee rotations at your home/office all you need are two simple tools:

Your 2 mins time and The O’Coach custom workout app.

O’Coach app helps you fight the usual grind and execute your routine plan efficiently. And the best part is people of any age and workout level can add knee rotation exercises to their routine. Even people with joint pain/post-injury can do this workout to strengthen their knee joints. However, it’s always vital to see your doctor or physiotherapist first. Though there is nothing substituting for the requirement of getting professional assistance from a Certified Physical Therapist.

2 mins Knee Rotations with O’Coach app:

Incorporate a 2- 5 mins Knee Rotations into your daily routine with the O’Coach app. To add this workout to your daily routine, you can start by downloading this set of exercise or you can create your own custom workout routine as per your needs or preferences.

Full Plan Details
Knee Rotations
10 sec
Knee Rotations
15 sec
10 sec
Knee Rotations
20 sec
10 sec
Knee Rotations
45 sec
Knee Rotations
10 sec

Improves your balance and posture
Download the O’Coach App to perform 2 mins knee rotations

Download the 100% free O’Coach custom workout app to perform your daily 2-5 mins workout with the O’Coach app.

  • You can also create your own custom workout routine according to your need and preferences.
  • You can add exercise reminder schedules based on your convenience and requirements.
  • You can create a small community with your friends and supporting family members to keep you motivated and ensure progress.
Download now!
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