Beginners/Advanced | No equipment | Muscles in the Back, Shoulders, and Chest

As previously explored in Cobra Pose Stretch Variation – Strengthen your lower back!
Cobra Stretch is a dynamic yoga pose designed to elevate your practice and bring multiple benefits to your body.

Benefits of Practicing Cobra Stretch:

  • Alleviates lower back pain and stiffness.
  • Improves spine flexibility and mobility.
  • Strengthens the muscles in your back and core.
  • Enhances overall posture and alignment.

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Cobra Stretch Exercise

Get started with 2 mins Cobra Stretch Exercise

Modern life often involves various activities that can contribute to muscle tension and discomfort. Whether it’s strenuous workouts, sitting for extended periods during travel etc., finding relief is essential.

Hence, it’s important to add exercise to your daily routine with the O’Coach app to maintain a healthy life.

Exercises included in the Cobra Pose Variation plan:

Full Plan Details
10 sec
Cobra Pose Variation
15 sec
10 sec
Cobra Pose Variation
20 sec
10 sec
Cobra Pose Variation
45 sec
10 sec

Improves your balance and posture
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