First girl is sitting in bad posture and other two girls are doing planks using O'Coach fitness app

Build everything from strength and power to flexibility and balance.


Our sedentary lifestyles are constantly making our joints and ligaments stiff, making us more prone to injuries and rapid degeneration of both bones and tissues. To balance our sedentary lifestyle it is important to give our core some strength and balance.

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And any muscle-related task be it walking, climbing, bending, carrying heavy loads or any sports activities will not give you the desired results unless you build strength and improve muscle mass.

What if you come to know that one exercise daily ranging from a few seconds to minutes can improve your core, strength, physique and even mood.

Well, won’t that be adorable!! Yes, of course!!

2 mins! Mid-day plank workout routine has lots of health benefits for your body; all you need is to not lose hope and practice it daily. Because strength and balance are needed at every age, especially as you get older.

Benefits of Performing Plank Every Day:

Planking improves your body posture by strengthening your abdominals and lower back, neck, chest and shoulder. If you perform the plank daily, your posture will improve and your back will be straight. This exercise might seem to be too easy but it actually takes a certain amount of strength and endurance in the abdominal region, back and core to perform it correctly.

While building our balance, coordination and posture, planks also work our hamstrings and glutes. There are various benefits of performing this exercise anywhere, anytime with anyone even from the comfort of your home.

Some of the Benefits of Performing Planks:

1. Helps Reduce Belly Fat

Every abs exercise does have a plank exercise included. A plank holds four abdominal muscles together and helps boost the metabolism. The longer you hold in the plank position, it helps improve the core, provides flexibility and provides a tighter tummy.

2. Reduces Backache

As your abdominal muscles get stronger, the body depends less on your back muscles and more on your stomach muscles. Plus, when you are in the plank position, your spinal cord is straight, which makes them stronger and more resistant to joint pain.

3. Improves Body Flexibility

Plank exercise stretches your shoulders, collarbone, and other muscles, which improves flexibility and core strength. Include a plank in your daily workout routine to improve your overall flexibility.

4. Prevent Exercise-Related Injuries

Squatting, dead-lifting, pressing or doing any activity overhead without injury is hard to do without a strong core. To do these workouts, our spine must remain straight and strong. Planking helps you avoid these injuries by strengthening your core.

5. Improve Posture, Coordination, and Balance

Planks with a stability ball are ideal for improving our balance and coordination. Stability balls help strengthen the core when used correctly. And as our back and abdominal muscles get stronger and tighter, our posture automatically gets better.

Need Help with Planking?

Plank exercises provide an almost endless variety of ways to strengthen your core muscles. All it takes is a little daily effort, and the outcomes are satisfying. O’Coach plays the role of your personal trainer and helps you perform your daily plank workout routine.

With 2 mins! Mid-day plank workout routine using the free O’Coach app you can make your daily habit to perform your plank workout. As you can set reminders to do a particular workout and O’Coach will send you a notification on that particular scheduled time.

2 Mins! Mid-Day Plank Workout Routine!

To add this workout to your daily routine, You can create your own custom workout routine as per your needs or preferences or simply