Take a 5-minute break at your office desk to open up your body and mind. Our bodies get so stiff and tense sitting in a chair all day long. We’ll open the chest, back, shoulders, neck, hips and hamstrings, as well as create space in the mind.

Exercises to do 5-Minute Office Yoga:

Cow Stretch:

  1. Sit in the chair and come to the edge.
  2. Bring your knees right over your ankles and your hands on top of your legs.
  3. Inhale deeply, stretch your spine, and exhale with your shoulders relaxed.
  4. Inhale, lift your chest, then exhale and round your spine. Do it 10 times.

Shoulder Stretch:

  1. Inhale, return to a neutral spine position, and interlace your hands behind your back.
  2. Inhale and exhale a few times.
  3. Move your hands to your left side and place your left ear on your left shoulder.
  4. Repeat it on the right side.

Seated Spinal Twist:

  1. Take your left hand to your right knee and your right hand on the back of the chair.
  2. Inhale, stretch your spine, exhale, pull your navel gently, and twist to the right. Repeat for a few minutes.
  3. Repeat it on the other side.

Seated Pigeon Pose:

  1. For the sitting pigeon position, cross your ankle directly over your left knee and fold forward.
  2. Repeat it with your right knee.

Rag-doll Pose:

  1. Come to Rag-doll with your legs bent forward, grab your elbows or biceps, and let your head be heavy.
  2. Come behind the chair, so place your hand on the top of the chair, step as far back as you can, and then fold forward.

Benefits of doing 5-Minute Yoga:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Build muscles
  • Align your posture
  • Reduce work distractions
  • Improve physical health

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5-Minute Office Yoga with O’Coach app:

Yoga is a simple yet effective way to get fit and healthy. It can be performed anywhere, so if you don’t have time to move from your desks, you can perform this exercise just by sitting in your chair. If you’ve only got 5–10 minutes before your next meeting, doing yoga with the O’Coach app can improve your muscles and flexibility and keep you energized for your meeting.

O’Coach custom workout app helps us manage and perform your daily workouts. Especially for people with desk jobs, it makes it easy for them to fit basic exercises into their routine schedule.

Full Plan Details
Cow Stretch
1 min
10 sec
Shoulder Stretch
1 min
10 sec
Seated Spinal Twist
1 min
10 sec
Seated Pigeon Pose
1 min
10 sec
Rag-doll Pose
1 min
10 sec

5-minute office yoga
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