Who says you can’t multitask while you work? With this 2-minute Easy Core workout with desk chair, you can boost your productivity and prioritize your health at the same time.

Designed specifically for busy professionals like you, these easy exercises will target key muscle groups in your core, helping you build strength, stability, and resilience without ever leaving your desk.

Easy Core Workout with a Desk Chair

  • Chair rotation:- Twisting your body 10–10 times on both sides with the help of a chair.
  • Seated tucks:- Bring your knees up to your chest 10 times.
  • Alternating tucks:- Bring your knees alternately up to your chest 10 times.

Watch below Video To Learn How To Perform These Exercises

Benefits of Doing These Exercise

  • Improve your posture
  • Reduces back pain
  • Increase your upper body flexibility
  • Enhances balance and stability

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Full Plan Details
Chair Rotation Right Side
10 times
10 sec
Chair Rotation Left Side
10 times
10 sec
Seated Tucks
10 times
10 sec
Alternating Tucks
10 times
10 sec

office chair workout
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