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Our love of screens is possibly a significant contributor to upper back and neck pain because sitting for several hours working on a computer screen, watching TV, or using our phones throws our bodies out of alignment.

For all our dreams of work from anywhere/home, the unwanted side effect of neck and back pain leading to chronic degeneration is quite real.

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There can be a variety of unwanted side effects on our neck and back, and it can be more severe in smokers and higher-weight people. So, replace that tiny cigarette break with a healthy workout break.

Break Time = Smoking break

Break Time = Healthy Workout Break Time

Physical activity ranging from 30mins – 1 hour in a day has been proven to reduce the risk to health.

If you want to strengthen your body use such little breaks to perform some beneficial exercises, like doing:

Try to incorporate such exercises into your break time.

And if you think that doing workout hard in the morning means free access to glue yourself to your office chair all day. 

Think again..

Poor sitting habits impact everyone’s neck health today. Future work for professionals may be compromised due to neck and back issues. To avoid long-term effects, start incorporating healthy workout breaks.

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If experiencing pain already, identify its potential causes.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Neck and Back Pain?

Causes of Neck and Back Pain

Each person experiences these pains for a different reason and if somebody tells you the contrary, they are lying! Various causes lead to pain in your neck and back.

  • Strenuous activity or improper use, such as repetitive or heavy lifting.
  • If you sleep in an awkward position, you may end up with pain in your neck and back.
  • Injuries or fractures especially during falls, car accidents and sports.
  • If your job demands prolonged sitting hours.

Symptoms of Neck and Back Pain

Girl is having neck and back pain

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How to Prevent Neck and Back Pain at Work?

There are some tips to help you avoid neck and back pain at work. These suggestions might help you avoid injuries brought on by inactivity. Example:

  • Limit your phone use.
  • Pay attention to your posture.
  • Stretch your neck gently 5 -10 times.
  • Add a 2-5 mins workout to your routine.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects without someone’s help.
  • Change your position more often while sitting prolonged.

These points are easy but hard to follow because of our busy working schedule. But what if I told you that you could add some body movement to your busy work schedule and reduce your inactivity by downloading a free app on your phone? Your answer will most likely be:

“No, it’s not possible.”

But this can be possible if you download the 100% free O’Coach custom workout app. This app lets you schedule your workouts to perform every few hours for 5-10 mins. Thus, you can add some physical activity to your hectic schedule to help your body become healthier and happier. For the best results, try O’Coach app.

Get started with full detailed 5 mins! Neck and back exercise routine

Adding Physical Activity to Your Routine With O’Coach:

If you find it challenging to do exercises on your own, you are provided with the O’Coach app, a personal timing coach. With O’Coach, you can add 2-5 mins of physical activity to your routine and help your body stay healthy and fit. This is a free app that helps you remember your workout sessions by giving you reminders at the time you schedule to perform your workout.

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