Beginners/Advanced | No equipment | Hip Flexor, Abdominals, Glutes

As previously discussed in Standing Marches – A Basic Warm Up Routine Exercise.
Standing march is a low-impact exercise that activates lower and upper body muscles, including the glutes, abdominal muscles, and entire core. It helps you improve balance by working on both sides of the body and increasing tolerance for single-leg balance for brief periods.

Benefits of including standing marches in your routine

  • Mobilize your joints to prevent injuries
  • Prepare the body for strenuous exercise
  • Improve overall core strength and stability
  • Improve balance on both sides of the body
  • Strengthening the muscles of your quadriceps, hamstrings and hip flexors

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Get started with 2 mins Standing March plan

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Exercises included in the Standing Marches plan:

Full Plan Details
Standing Marches
10 sec
Standing Marches
15 sec
10 sec
Standing Marches
20 sec
10 sec
Standing Marches
45 sec
Standing Marches
10 sec

Improves your balance and posture
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