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Pelvic Twists – A Quick Office Workout For Your Lower Back 

Pelvic twist exercise stretches and strengthens your abdominal muscles, and helps you relieve spinal and low back pain. People with chronic lower back pain often use this to align their spine more efficiently. Because this exercise is a great way to improve your core strength and can even help you reduce back pain.

Equipment: No equipment

Level: Beginners to advanced

Works on muscles: Hip Flexion, Abdominal, Glutes, Lower and Upper back

Check out our exercises article for more videos of the full-body mobility workout routine.

O’Coach Free Tip

  • Keep the rest of your body aligned while pelvic twists.
  • Hold for 10-15 seconds and then relax the stretch.

How to perform Pelvic twists with proper form:

Step 1:

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and your knees slightly bent.

Step 2:

Tilt your pelvic bone forward.

Tip: Pull your belly button in toward your spine.

Pelvic twists

Step 3:

After a forward pelvis tilt, tilt your pelvic bone backward.

Tip: Hold for up to 10 seconds.

Step 4:

Repeat for a complete set.

Tip: Keep breathing and use your core correctly.

Health benefits of Pelvic twist:

Pelvic twists are the most important exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles, improve posture, strengthen pelvic muscles, boost mobility and relieve stress or pain in the hips and lower back. This exercise is best to ease stiffness in your lower back and helps gently stretch the lower and upper back muscles. The best part is that it is a simple workout that can be done in your office.

Here are some benefits of pelvic twists:

  • Helps reduce pelvic pain.
  • Improve mobility and joints.
  • Helps to achieve flatter abs.
  • Helps reduce chronic back pain.
  • Helps improve your body posture.
  • Strengthen the lower abdominal muscles and core.
  • Help women increase their ability to cope with labor pain.

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Need to add pelvic twists to your office workout routine:

Pelvis is the bowl-shaped structure of bones in your lower abdomen that support your spine, help in moving weight to your lower limbs, and protect your internal organs. In your daily activities, you normally use a range of motion to tilt the pelvis forward, backward, and sideways. Problems happen when you don’t return to the neutral position and sit for a long period of time. For working people, it is important to add pelvic twists to your routine because they:

  • Sit in poor posture.
  • Sit for extended periods of time.
  • Sit with crossed legs one over the other.

Impact of prolonged sitting:

  • Diabetes.
  • Pelvic floor damage.
  • Decreased overall health.
  • Obesity.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Back or spinal issues.
  • Cardiovascular problems.
Girl is working in poor posture

How do you get started with living a healthy lifestyle?

All you need are two simple tools: Your 2 mins time and The O’Coach app.

O’Coach fitness app helps you get up every few hours to workout even during your busiest working hours to counter the ill-effect of your daily sedentary lifestyle. By sending you notifications to perform your custom workout at your scheduled time. To better manage your custom workout, O’Coach allows you to set time according to your preferences and needs.

2 mins Pelvic Twist with O’Coach app:

For busy professionals, it is vital to add Pelvic Twist {a full body joint mobility program for less than 5 mins } to your workout routine with the O’Coach app. Because only our daily physical activity can reduce the harmful effects of our prolonged sitting.

Full Plan Details
Pelvic twists
10 sec
Pelvic twist
15 sec
10 sec
Pelvic twists
20 sec
10 sec
Pelvic twists
45 sec
Pelvic twists
10 sec

Improves your balance and posture
Download the O’Coach App to perform 2 mins pelvis twists

Download the 100% free O’Coach custom workout app to perform your daily 2-5 mins workout with the O’Coach app.

  • You can also create your own custom workout routine according to your need and preferences.
  • You can add exercise reminder schedules based on your convenience and requirements.
  • You can create a small community with your friends and supporting family members to keep you motivated and ensure progress.
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