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Calf Raises – Exercise to Build Calf Strength 

The Calf Raises is a lower-body exercise that targets your lower leg muscles, mainly the calves. The movement involves plantar flexion, where you raise your heels above the ground or when you stand on your toes or point them.

Calf raises target the muscles around the ankle and on the back of your lower legs. Calf strength is necessary for a strong run, and you can perform this exercise anywhere. You can complete a set while brushing your teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil.

Equipment: No equipment

Level: Beginners to advanced

Works on muscles: Ankle, Lower legs

For additional videos see our fundamental exercises guide.

O’Coach Free Tip

  • Keep your back straight
  • Lift as high as you can onto your toes and lower your heels down as much as your ankle flexibility allows

How to perform Calf Raises correctly:

Step 1:

Raise your heels slowly and stand on your toes

Tip: Don’t bend your back

Step 2:

Hold this position for a moment and slowly lower your heels

Tip: Keep your back straight

Boy is doing Calf raises

Benefits of performing Calf Raises exercise daily:

Calf raises ensure that there is soreness in your legs post-exercise. Of course, they also make your calves better, stronger, and leaner.

If you’re still not convinced about this exercise, here are five solid benefits of doing this exercise that will prove the supremacy of this simple yet effective muscle.

  • Stabilize your feet and ankle
  • Strength of your calf muscles
  • Build calf strength and endurance
  • Good for your joints
  • Increase explosive power

How to build Calf strength?

Your calf muscle supports you when you stand and enables you to move your foot and your lower leg. It propels you forward when you walk or run. It also allows you to jump, rotate your ankle, flex your foot, and “lock” your knee.

All you need are two simple tools.

Your 2 mins time and The O’Coach app

Adding this quick, 2-minute exercise to your routine with the O’Coach app can help you stabilize your feet & ankles and be good for your joints. We know working professionals find it hard to manage their workouts during their busy office hours. However, there is no need to worry now!! O’Coach assists you in managing your customized workout routine to perform during your hectic office hours. Consider doing a few sets of calf raises while waiting in line, or standing at your desk.

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2 mins Calf Raises with O’Coach app:

Incorporate a 2- 5 mins Calf Raises into your daily routine with the O’Coach app. To add this workout to your daily routine, you can create your own custom workout routine as per your needs or preferences or simply download the exercise.

Click here to check out the full detailed calf raises exercise plan

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