Neck pain relief refers to reducing or eliminating discomfort, and stiffness, in the neck region. Neck pain can be caused by a variety of factors such as poor posture, muscle strain, injury, or medical conditions.

It can be achieved through various means such as physical therapy, stretching, massage, medications, or lifestyle modifications. The ultimate goal is to improve mobility, reduce discomfort, and improve the overall quality of life.

Exercises To Relief Neck Pain

  1. Neck Rotation
  2. Side Bends
  3. Flexion And Extension
  4. Shoulder Rolls Forward
  5. Shoulder Rolls Backward
  6. Upper Trapezius Stretch
  7. Levator Scapula Stretch
  8. Anterior Scalene Stretch
  9. Chin Tuck

Benefits of Doing Exercises

  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce discomfort
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve mental health

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Neck Pain Relief Exercises with The O’Coach App

Neck pain can also hurt mental health, leading to anxiety and depression in some cases. So if you have 10-15 minutes do some neck pain exercises with the O’Coach app can improve mobility and reduce discomfort.

O’Coach custom workout app helps us manage and perform your daily workouts. Especially for people with desk jobs, it makes it easy for them to fit basic exercises into their routine schedule.

Try adding these exercises with the help of O’Coach app.

Full Plan Details
Neck Rotation
10 times
Side Bends
10 times
Flexion And Extension
10 times
Shoulder Rolls Forward
5 times
Shoulder Rolls Backward
5 times
Upper Trapezius Stretch
30 sec both sides
Levator Scapula Stretch
30 sec both sides
Anterior Scalene Stretch
30 sec both sides
Chin Tuck
30 sec

neck pain relief exercises
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