arm rotation exercise

What are Arm Rotations?

Arm rotations provide a foundational warm-up for your upper body. It works on the muscles of your upper body. By making the circles bigger you feel a stretch in your triceps and biceps which helps the muscles to contract and relax.

Equipment: No equipment

Level: Beginners to advanced

Arm Rotation Works on muscles: Arms, Shoulders and Chest

How to do Arm Rotation correctly?

Here are 3 simple steps to perform Arm Rotation:

Arm Rotation

Step 1:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and start circling your arms

Tip: Make sure to stand straight

Step 2:

Next, do the same in the other direction

Tip: Gradually make the circles bigger until you feel a stretch in your triceps

Arm Rotation
arm rotation

Step 3:

Repeat this a couple more times

Tip: Maintain a smooth and deep breathing pattern

O’Coach Free Tip

  • Make sure you stretch your full arms to feel the stretch in your triceps
  • Circle your arms forward using small controlled motions

What are the benefits of Arms Rotation?

benefits of arm rotation

Arm circle is a simple and great exercise for warming up your shoulders. It is mainly done to:

  • Prepare the body for strength training
  • Get your blood pumping and muscles moving
  • Help warm up the arms, chest, shoulders and back

By performing this workout in a routine you can release physical tension, stress and anxiety which is increased because of our sedentary lifestyle.

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Is there any need to add Arm Rotation to your routine?

It is important for everyone to add arm rotation to their routine but it is extremely necessary for people with a desk job. Because sitting in poor posture at a desk for prolonged periods of time contributes to a wide range of chronic diseases and has various negative impacts on our bodies. It can increase the risk of shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand injury and rounded shoulders.

girl is working in a bad posture

So in 8-9 hours sitting, it is important to give your body some movement to lower the risk. Doing arm rotations at home or office for few minutes in every few hours helps improve muscle strength and increase lean muscle mass. It works on your upper back muscles and can be done anywhere.

2 mins! Simple Arm Rotations

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