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As previously discussed in Improve Your Balance With A Daily Plank Workout Routine 
Our sedentary lifestyles are constantly making our joints and ligaments stiff, making us more prone to injuries and rapid degeneration of both bones and tissues. To balance our sedentary lifestyle it is important to give our core some strength and balance.

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Strengthens your core
Reduce the risk of injury
Crushes Calories
No Equipment
2 mins
Standing Marches 5 sec
Plank 15 sec

Exercises included in Mid-day plank exerciseplan:

Full Plan Details
Standing Marches
10 sec
15 sec
10 sec
35 sec
10 sec
45 sec
Standing Marches
10 sec

Improves your balance and posture
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Why choose O’Coach Fitness App for plank exercise?

Posture is vital for both our health and confidence. In today’s sedentary lifestyle we kept sitting in front of our computers for 8 or more straight hours. And this leads to lower back and neck pain because of our bad posture.

The ill effects of sitting in bad posture can be reduced with the O’Coach 2-minute plank exercise. And the best part is that you can do this exercise in the comfort of your own home or office.

If you want to create your custom plank exercise routine O’Coach makes it easy for you to do so.

Workout Time
  • Letting you create and execute your own custom workout using the app’s intuitive interface with a special focus on essential aspects like repetition time, time under tension etc.
  • You can add reminder schedules for your custom exercises based on your convenience and requirements.
  • You can create a small community with your friends and supporting family members to keep you motivated and ensure progress during the training.

If you find it challenging to do these exercises on your own, you are provided with the O’Coach custom workout app a personal timing coach. O’Coach custom workout app will help you plan and execute more efficient workout sessions.

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