natural movement program

Sitting in a slouched position for long durations can lead to muscle tension, back pain and reduced circulation.

Try to perform the “Natural Movement Program” offered by the O’Coach app to counter the ill effects of our long sitting hours.

5 mins! Full body joint health and mobility!

Our modern lifestyles are increasingly making our joints stiff and injury-prone. Do this workout every day to keep your joints happy.

5 mins! Essential conditioning routine for casual runners!

Running is great! But do you know how easy it is to get injured? Do this workout daily to run injury free! Start your conditioning workout now!

Girl is running
Girl is performing plank workout using O'Coach fitness app

2 mins! Mid-day Plank routine!

Sitting for long hours with slouched posture continuously weakens our core muscles leading to back pain, cervical, and overall body instability. Plank, a very simple exercise, if done a few times during the day, can help with many of these issues!

5 mins! Quick HIIT routine!

Studies show that a 5-minutes of HIIT workout session is much more effective than a 45-minute gym session. Test your fitness with this 5-minutes HIIT workout session!

Girl is having neck and back pain

5 mins! Healthy neck and back

Especially helps with neck and back pain if your lifestyle includes long hours of sitting. Do this workout every day to relieve your neck and back pain.

2 mins! Mid-day squat routine!

Squatting, one of the most natural positions for the human body, when done every few hours, helps restore mobility and balance lost due to the modern lifestyle. Do this workout every day to keep your good posture.

Download the O’Coach app to start your workout routine with the O’Coach custom workout app and kill the ill effects of long sitting hrs by getting up every few hrs from your desks/seats with the help of your scheduled workout notification via the app.

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