Ever find yourself caught in the eternal struggle between gym plans and those irresistible beer evenings with friends? A lifestyle geared towards fitness does not need to be boring. It does not need to be without friends or those nice beer evenings.

We get it – the temptation is real, and the excuses to skip the workout are even more creative! But what if there’s a way to seamlessly blend both worlds? With just the right balance.

So, yes, go plan that beer evening with your friends, but see if you can make them your workout partners as well. If you are part of a group where everyone cares about overall fitness, then the possibility of overdoing the indulgences automatically decreases.

So next time you are planning a beer evening, maybe meet an hour early with your friends and start the evening with a nice easy run.

After a nice stretch and some hydration, head for the main event of the evening – the relaxing beer evening that you have been waiting for the entire work week.

Plan your evening pre-run workout:

Before you go for an evening run don’t forget to do a pre-running stretch workout routine. Pre-run workout helps our body to warm up and strengthen the lower as well as upper body. It also reduces the risk of injury when we do pre-running workouts.

Try this: 5 Mins | Home Warm Up Routine To Do BEFORE ANY WORKOUT

Girl is doing Pre-run stretch workout routine using O'Coach fitness app

Post-run cooldown exercises are equally important as a pre-running workout as they help our body cool down and give us the power to restore and regain strength that is needed after a long run.

Girl is doing Post run stretch workout routine using O'Coach fitness app

Start with O’Coach:

Start with your workout buddy today for those guilt-free beer evenings. And create your free custom pre and post-run workout routine today! Schedule your custom workout timing according to your needs and preferences to perform anytime, anywhere wherever you need.

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