Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds! Just don’t keep sitting all day! Get up and move!

Do not let the stress of those unnatural positions – bad sitting posture, slouch position etc – accumulate for more than a few hrs continually.

Start with whatever you have or whatever you think you may enjoy working out and do it for as long as you’re comfortable. After you’ve started, you use that pace to begin thinking more about refining your workout schedule. But don’t lose the pace!

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We should aim to get up from our desks/chairs/couches every few hrs to reduce our sitting. After sitting for a long time in a slouch position we should give our body the required dosage of 2-5 minutes of movement by creating and scheduling our custom workout routine or doing some built-in exercises!

The O’Coach Tip
Whether you are a couch potato, gym goer or a marathon runner, giving your body movements every few hrs is the secret sauce to an injury free body!

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