Nothing could be a better option than setting fitness goals with your friends. Working out with friends helps you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals faster. Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends and have fun while getting in shape. A study shows that when you workout with your friend, your physical, mental, and emotional quality of life improves.

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Benefits of Setting Fitness Goals with Your Friends:

To enjoy all the benefits, you’ll need to exercise with someone who is adventurous to keep you motivated to attempt new things. He will inspire and motivate you to do something new with your workout daily. There are many benefits to working out with friends. Here are some:

1. Exercising with a Friend is more enjoyable

Workout with a partner, like a best friend or roommate, keeps boredom away. Enjoying laughs, chatting, and mutual encouragement not only makes exercise more fun but also promotes better health, making time fly.

So it’s a win-win.

2. Your consistency will Improve

Exercising with a friend boosts motivation and accountability, making it easier to stick to your fitness routine over time.

3. You will meet your fitness Goals Together

A workout partner significantly boosts goal achievement. Studies reveal companionship enhances weight loss success. However, regular exercise, not just for weight loss, is crucial for maintaining health—5 to 10 minutes daily is beneficial.

4. You’ll work hard and attempt new things

Keep your exercise routine fresh with diversity. Explore enjoyable activities that don’t feel like traditional workouts, such as dance classes or cycling, to make staying active more engaging.

How To achieve Fitness Goals Together

1. Set fitness goals with your peers

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When you have someone to work out with, you’re more likely to stick to your workout routine, especially when that someone is from your office. Because if a coworker became your fitness partner, you would be more motivated to improve your health. As that person is with you for 8–9 hours a day and has the same sedentary lifestyle as you. So, it’s best to have a fitness buddy in your office to reach your fitness goal.

2. Motivate each other

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If one of you wants to skip your workout, then the other should try to motivate the other to exercise and persuade them to break out of their comfort zone. You can also cheer each other on in their efforts. When you and your fitness buddy encourage each other, you’ll work harder and get better results. And there’s no harm in a little friendly competition.

3. Set realistic goals and track each other’s progress

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It’s important to set goals that are realistic and achievable. Always consider setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound). This will help to keep you motivated and inspired to continue working towards your fitness goals. Having a measurable fitness goal helps you to track your progress. And it’s essential to track your progress so you can both see how far you’ve come. It helps you to concentrate more on achieving your fitness goal better.

Track your progress with the O’Coach fitness app:

If you want to achieve fitness goals with your friends, you have to set a plan. But setting a plan and keeping track of your workout can be difficult to manage as you can’t keep notes for the days you worked out to track your progress. For keeping a record of your workout over the week or month, you just have to download the 100% free O’Coach app on your phone and perform your workout with the help of the app.

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Download the free O’Coach app for the custom workouts and find some friends who are as fitness enthusiasts as you are and get started with your fitness goals!

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