In today’s work-centric world, employers are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their employees’ well-being. As we all know sitting for long hours can take a toll on our fitness and finding time for a daily workout can be a challenge. But how do you get everyone involved, regardless of their fitness level? The answer lies in personalized workout challenges, and that’s where the O’Coach app comes into play specially designed to get your team moving and feeling energized!

O’Coach helps you take some time out for yourselves and get moving.

It’s definitely worth it.

The Benefits of an Active Team:

Exercise benefits everyone, no matter where they start on their fitness journey. It sharpens our minds, improves sleep, and boosts energy levels. An active team is a more capable and energetic team, making daily tasks seem like a breeze.

Let’s create the world we all want to live in with O’Coach

Building a Workplace Wellness Challenge

To ensure fairness, personalize your fitness challenge by setting unique goals for your team. O’Coach lets you create your personal community where you can set realistic goals for your team and support hesitant ones in achieving those targets. The challenge is to build a daily fitness habit that suits each member’s individual capabilities and goals.

Personalize Your Workout with O’Coach

O’Coach is a highly flexible and personalized fitness app, that focuses on diverse exercises and meeting personal goals. Each team member can create their profile, setting daily exercise duration and personal fitness goals. The app sends notifications to guide them through a customized fitness routine every day.

Join the Global Community

Join the O’Coach community if you’re looking for more ways to increase your daily physical activity and stay motivated. As it lets you post your daily completed workout globally, also you can see the posted workouts from people worldwide and challenge yourself to be consistent with your workout routine and maintain a fitness streak in the community.

Join the O’Coach Fitness Community!

Daily notifications targeting 2-5 mins workouts

O’Coach sends you daily notifications targeting 2-5 mins workouts, which is helpful to keep consistency. Additionally, you can create and schedule a custom workout plan that will help you stay motivated.

  • 5 Mins! Healthy Neck And Back!
  • 5 Mins! Full Body Joint Health And Mobility!
  • 5 mins! Essential conditioning routine for casual runners!
  • 2 Mins! Mid-Day Squat Routine!
  • 2 Mins! Mid-Day Plank Routine!…… and many more..

Start today!

O’Coach custom workout app lets you create your fitness group/community for free that you can share with anyone with just one click on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform. So, create a first community, share it with your team and get fit together. When your team is supported with resources like O’Coach, everyone wins!

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