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By being a member of the O’Coach private fitness community, you can spread motivation to people you do not even know. The global fitness feed highlights the simple efforts being done by people like you from all across the world to keep themselves in healthy shape and be motivated all the time towards their health!

How to use


Create a private community

Create your own private fitness community with your colleagues, friends, family members etc.
You can create multiple communities, each with different people!


Create and achieve fitness goals as a group

  1. Share your workout plans with each other.
  2. Discover and try new workout routines and exercises within your group.
  3. Set goals and challenges to be achieved by your group together.


Appreciate and motivate each other

  1. Motivate each other to maintain the streaks
  2. Collect trophies collectively and share rewards with each other
  3. Give a nice fist bump to your friends to add that extra dosage of motivation for them to continue their streaks!

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