Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure that involves replacing a damaged hip joint with an artificial joint. After undergoing total hip replacement surgery, patients are advised to perform specific exercises during the early stages of their recovery, which is typically the first 4 weeks. These exercises are designed to help patients regain strength and mobility in the affected hip joint and surrounding muscles, as well as reduce pain and inflammation.

Exercises after hip replacement surgery:

  1. Ankle Pumps
  2. Glute Sets
  3. Quad Sets
  4. Hip Abduction
  5. Heel Slides
  6. Short Arc Quads
  7. Buttock Stretch
  8. Seated Long Arc Quads
  9. Standing Hip Flexion
  10. Mini Squats
  11. Calf Raises
  12. Hamstring Stretch
  13. Knee Glide

Benefits of doing exercises after surgery:

  • Improve range of motion
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduce pain
  • Better quality of life

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Exercises after hip replacement surgery with the O’Coach app:

Total hip replacement surgery can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life by reducing pain and improving mobility. So do some exercises with the O’Coach app which can help to improve range of motion, reduce pain, etc.

O’Coach custom workout app helps us manage and perform your daily workouts. Especially for people with desk jobs, it makes it easy for them to fit basic exercises into their routine schedule.

Try adding these exercises with the help of the O’Coach app.

Full Plan Details
Ankle Pumps
10 times
Glute Sets
10 times
Quad Sets
10 times
Hip Abduction
10 times
10 sec
Heel Slides
10 times
Short Arc Quads
10 times
Buttock Stretch
10 times
Seated Long Arc Quads
10 times
10 sec
Standing Hip Flexion
10 times
Mini Squats
10 times
Calf Raises
10 times
10 sec
Hamstring Stretch
10 times
Knee Glide
10 times

exercises after hip replacement surgery
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