After surgery, it is important to follow a rehabilitation program that includes exercises to help strengthen the muscles around the hip joint and promote healing. These exercises can also help improve flexibility, balance, and range of motion. In this context, these exercises may include gentle stretches, low-impact aerobics, and resistance training.

Consistency is key, and over time, these exercises can help patients recover and return to their daily activities with less pain and more ease of movement.

Exercises to do After a Joint Replacement Surgery:

  1. Ankle Pumps
  2. Glute Sets (Buttocks Squeezes)
  3. Heel Slide
  4. Hip Abduction
  5. Leg Side Slide
  6. Short Arc Quads (Mini Kicks)

Benefits of doing exercises after your joint replacement surgery:

  • Improve range of motion
  • Increase strength
  • Reduce pain
  • Faster recovery
  • Improve overall health

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Hip exercises with the O’Coach app:

Performing hip exercises after joint replacement surgery is essential for a successful recovery and improved overall health. It is important to work with your physical therapist or surgeon to develop an exercise program that is tailored to your specific needs and abilities. So do some hip exercises with the O’Coach app.

O’Coach custom workout app helps us manage and perform your daily workouts. Especially for people with desk jobs, it makes it easy for them to fit basic exercises into their routine schedule.

Try adding these exercises with the help of the O’Coach app.

Full Plan Details
Ankle Pumps
10 times
Glute Sets (Buttocks Squeezes)
10 times
Heel Slide
10 times
Hip Abduction
10 times
10 sec
Leg Side Slide
10 times
Short Arc Quads (Mini Kicks)
10 times
Cobra Pose
10 times

hip exercises
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