What is Side bend stretching?

Side bend stretching is a type of exercise or stretch that involves elongating the muscles in your body. This stretch exercise stretches and strengthens the intercostal muscles. The muscles between the ribs. And help improves your flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and prevent injury.

Equipment: No equipment

Level: Beginners to advanced

Works on muscles: Obliques, Quadratus Lumborum

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O’Coach Free Tip

  • Avoid leaning forwards or backward when doing this exercise

How to perform a Side Bend Stretch correctly?

Boy is performing Side Bend Stretching

Step 1:

Stand with your feet about 3-4 feet apart

Step 2:

Raise your left arm straight up overhead

Boy is performing Side Bend Stretching
Boy is performing Side Bend Stretching

Step 3:

Lower your right arm down to the right side of your body

Step 4:

Straighten your right arm overhead

Boy is performing Side Bend Stretching
Boy is performing Side Bend Stretching

Step 5:

Lower your left arm down to the left side of your body and repeat this movement a few times

What are the benefits of performing Side stretching?

Performing this daily can provide numerous benefits for the body and mind. Here are some of the benefits of performing daily:

  • Stretches your tight back and core muscles
  • Relieves your tension in the neck
  • Increases your flexibility
  • Improve your posture

Can side bend stretching help relieve lower back pain?

Yes, it can be beneficial for people with lower back pain, as it helps stretch and release tension in the muscles along the spine and hips. However, it’s important to approach the pose with caution and avoid overstretching or straining the lower back. It may not be suitable for people with certain back injuries or medical conditions, such as spinal disc herniation or sciatica.

How often should you incorporate Side Stretching into the routine?

Adding Side Bend Stretch to your exercise routine is important for several reasons. It is a yoga pose that helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back, sides, and abdomen. It can be done daily or a few times a week, depending on the intensity and duration of the practice.

All you need are two simple tools.

Your 2 mins time and The O’Coach app

Adding this quick, 2-minute exercise to your routine with the O’Coach app can help you improve posture and increases your flexibility. We know working professionals find it hard to manage their workouts during their busy office hours. However, there is no need to worry now!! O’Coach assists you in managing your customized workout routine during your hectic office hours.

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2 mins Side Bend Stretch with O’Coach app:

Incorporate a 2- 5 mins Side Bend Stretch into your daily routine with the O’Coach app. To add this workout to your daily routine, you can create your own custom workout routine as per your needs or preferences or simply download the exercise.

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