Forward and backward bending are two categories of yoga postures that involve twisting the spine in different directions.

Forward bending (Halasana) yoga posture involves twisting the spine forward, bringing the head closer to the legs, which results in helping you relieve tight hip muscles. On the other hand, the backward bending (Matsyasana) yoga posture involves twisting the spine backward, opening up the chest and stretching the body.

Equipment: No equipment

Level: Beginners to advanced

Works on muscles: Spinal, Hamstrings, Hip Flexion, Chest

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  • Keep your spine straight

Steps to perform Forward and Backward Bending correctly:

Forward and backward bends

Step 1:

Reach your arms up and slowly bend both knees

Step 2:

Slowly bend backward

Forward and backward bends
Forward and backward bends

Step 3:

Bend forward, while rotating your hands in a backward direction and repeat the same

Benefits of performing Forward and Backward Bending daily:

Performing these exercises daily can offer numerous benefits for the body, including:

Why is adding this to the routine important?

Adding these exercises to your routine can help improve your flexibility, core strength, balance, and overall fitness level. Because of all the sitting, we do in our daily lives (between sitting at our computer screens for hours, to sitting in the car for long drives, to sitting on the couch), we probably ignore our posture. By incorporating both forward and backward exercises into a routine, individuals can ensure that they are targeting all of the major muscle groups involved in the movement, all you need are two simple tools.

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