The journey of recovery after knee replacement surgery is a crucial phase.

Why Rehab is important after Knee Replacement Surgery?

Post-surgery rehabilitation aims to prevent complications, reduce pain, and improve functionality, ensuring a smoother transition to normal activities.

Engaging in a structured rehabilitation program is vital for several reasons. As, it aids in preventing stiffness and muscle atrophy, which can be common after surgery. Targeted exercises help maintain joint flexibility and build the necessary muscle strength.

How To Stick With Your Knee Rehab Program?

Old man is having pain in his knees and O'Coach physical therapy app features are described.

To facilitate a smoother rehabilitation process, consider integrating the O’Coach app. This tool is designed to provide personalized various rehab exercises that will help improve strength while making your joints healthy and strong. Start your very own custom rehab workout routine and schedule your routines for free.

We believe in being consistent with the journey toward health rather than thinking of it as something difficult to be. That’s why to be consistent in your health journey there is no way better than downloading the O’Coach physical therapy app.

How To Get Started with this Essential tool?

  • Download O’Coach App & Open it.
  • Select the rehab workout type
  • Enter your rehab round and rest time length
  • Time the individual exercises for an effective workout (optional)
  • Customize the audio (voice guidance) settings if you want
  • Create schedules
  • Save and Start the workout
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