Dive into the future of fitness with O’Coach: the ultimate HIIT interval timer app. Customize timers, receive personal voice guidance, connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts, and effortlessly track your progress.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface, ad-free experience, and complete access—all for free!

Here are the six easy steps to create a HIIT workout using the O’Coach HIIT Timer App:


    Download and open O’Coach – Custom Workout Timer.

    STEP 2

    Go to Quick HIIT Timer or custom workout.

    STEP 3

    O'Coach timer app

    Select intervals for exercise and rest.

    STEP 4


    Determine the number of workout sets.

    STEP 5

    Select exercises from the O’Coach workout library.

    STEP 6

    Save your customized HIIT workout for immediate or future use.

    Why should you choose O’Coach- HIIT Interval Timer App?

    O’Coach offers a variety of features that not only make your HIIT workout easier but also quicker. In addition, it keeps you focused, on track and pumped up for your fitness adventure.

    1) Quick HIIT Timer

    Experience the convenience of our inbuilt QUICK HIIT TIMER feature, where starting your session is as easy as a single click.

    O'Coach the easiest HIIT timer app
    voice guidance

    2) HIIT Timer Voice Guidance

    A dynamic Text-to-Speech timer engine serving as your virtual coach during workouts, guiding you through each session with personalized voice instructions.

    3) Ad-Free Experience

    Experience uninterrupted HIIT sessions with O’Coach: the ad-free workout timer app ensuring undivided attention on your fitness goals.

    O'Coach custom workout timer app screenshots
    Schedule your custom workout using O'Coach fitness app

    4) Intuitive User Interface

    Our user-friendly interface is expertly crafted to ensure effortless navigation, providing smooth control even during the most intense workouts.

    5) Workout History Tracking

    Effortlessly monitor your progress and achievements by easily tracking your workout history and personal records, empowering you to reach your fitness milestones.

    track down your efforts

    Now that you know how and why to use the O’Coach HIIT timer app, what are you waiting for? Try a Quick HIIT workout routine or create your first HIIT workout today!

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