customizable workout timer

Ever found yourself wishing for a customizable workout plan that truly matches your goals and preferences?

Imagine a workout app that’s not just a digital guide but a personalized fitness companion, catering to your unique needs and ambitions. That’s exactly what O’Coach brings to the table – a custom workout app designed to empower your fitness journey like never before.

O’Coach app lets you create fully customizable workout plans and timers for HIIT, Yoga, Rehab, Mobility etc for free!

O’Coach – your free custom workouts planners, tracker and play-along app!

Things To keep in Mind while Creating Your Free Personalized Workout Plan

  • Think about your fitness targets.
  • Consider a time that is best suited to you and create a balanced routine.
  • Build exercise into your routine to perform it daily.
  • Include different activities to overcome workout boredom.
  • If you want a custom rehab workout first always allow time for recovery.
  • Start low and progress slowly.

How To Create a Custom Workout with O’Coach App

Watch the Youtube video to learn how to create your custom workout with O’Coach custom workout timer app.


  1. Download and Open the O’Coach custom workout app.
  2. Select the workout type whether it is HIIT, Tabata, YOGA or any other.
  3. Enter your exercise rounds and rest time length.
  4. Give Time the individual exercises for an effective workout (optional).
  5. Customize the audio (voice guidance) settings if you want.
  6. Create schedules.
  7. Save and Start the workout.

Why Choose O’Coach App For Your Custom Workouts?

Workout Time

1. Free Custom Workouts: Use O’Coach for personalized workouts, absolutely free, without any fees or ads.

2. Set Reminders Easily: Schedule reminders for your workouts at your convenience with O’Coach.

3. Build a Supportive Community: Create a community with friends and family for mutual motivation and progress tracking during training.

4. Share Motivation Easily: Share custom workouts with a single link, motivating friends, colleagues, or trainees to join and contribute to the O’Coach community.

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