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O’Coach – Redefining “essential fitness lifestyle”!

O’Coach, a workout app, relying on the power of community game-play, was founded in the year 2022 with a simple aim to make the world a fitter place, one small workout at a time!

Behind everything that O’Coach mobile app is trying to offer its users in terms of features, underlies a very simple fundamental:

The Problem

Our modern lifestyles – long sitting hours, slouching over desk/laptop/phone, long driving hours etc – continually disrupt the natural bio-mechanical balance of our bodies!

We are simply carrying the daily accumulating effects of this unnatural lifestyle into everything we do, including our workouts!

The Solution

Do not let it accumulate! Simple!
Do not let the stress of these unnatural positions accumulate for more than a few hours continually.

We should aim to get up from our desks every few hrs during the day and give our bodies the gift of simple but essential 2-5 minutes natural movement workouts!

The gap and hence the opportunity

Rahul Mittal and Komal Juneja, from Chandigarh have been working in IT since more than a decade. Being fitness enthusiasts and hobbyist trekkers and runners, they always tried to balance their fitness along with long and intense working hours. In the struggle to maintain that balance and motivate their colleagues and friends to do the same, they realized the massive gap and hence the opportunity that lies in the fitness domain!

  • Though its wonderful for people who can stick to those Getting Shredded programs, most of the people who start on Get Shredded/6-pack abs programs drop out very soon because the amount of commitment required there does not suit their lifestyle goals! And they realize that they really do not need those goals to be “fit enough” to keep enjoying life on their terms!
  • What they basically need as the bare minimal essential is to keep at bay the side effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. And that requires simple, short and frequent movements to continually restore our natural body balance and keep our joints, especially spine and knees healthy and mobile!
  • Also, even for avid gym goers, amateur runners etc, the long hours of their otherwise sedentary working lives are detrimental to all the efforts they are putting towards their goals!

So, comes in O’Coach with the simple aim of making people get up from their working desks, couches etc every few hrs and restore the overall joint mobility they are losing every minute spend sitting! O’Coach fitness app tries to achieve this simple goal by:

  • Getting users started with 2-5 minutes super simple but natural movement workout routines that can be done from anywhere!
  • By sending users who have subscribed to “Natural Movement Program”, a reminder every 2-3 hrs to get up from their desk and do a quick suggested workout routine.
  • By its super interesting voice guided virtual coach that takes the user through each individual exercise along with giving a countdown timer!
  • By allowing users to create entirely custom workout routines as per their needs and interests with custom timing and repetition counter.
  • By gamifying user experience using trophies, badges, streaks and leaderboards
  • By leveraging the power of community game-play – allowing users to showcase their workout efforts to a wide audience, let them follow each other’s workouts, give fist-bumps of appreciation etc!
  • By allowing users to create their own friend/family groups and set common fitness goals and use the O’Coach app’s virtual coach engine to achieve them!

For the next release, O’Coach app is targeting

  • To provide HD videos of more than 1,000 stretching, mobility and strengthening exercises right within the app using which users can create interesting workout routines more easily!
  • To provide fitness influencers, trainers and brands a virtual platform where they can build their targeted community, share workouts, create challenges, provide trainings etc!
  • To use the AI engine powered using Vaskut AI platform to provide specific posture correction and injury prevention routines to users based on their daily work and fitness profile!
  • To further gamify user experience using web3 based life-time fitness token wallet, tying the changing fitness goals with advancing age, to wallet value milestones!

Some quick numbers

Total downloads


Total minutes of workouts logged

1,50,000 minutes

New updates since launch


What lies ahead

Over next 12 months

  1. O’Coach aims to target 1M+ users powering atleast 50K+ personal communities!
  2. Generate atleast 5M+ workout minutes on O’Coach platform!
  3. Have atleast 1K paid monthly subscriptions of upcoming premium community feature, primarily driven by physiotherapists, trainers, influencers, gyms and corporate health programs!